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Benevento in-sights

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First do the crossword puzzle about Taburno Camposauro massif!

And then a crossword puzzle on Benevento monuments and history! 






Three exciting Interactive quizzes: one about Benevento another about Taburno Camposauro massif.. and the last one about mazza e pivese (a popular kids' game)questions were written by the students of class I B of Liceo Scientifico "Galilei Vetrone" of Benevento, Italy. Thank you kids!







The first presentation is about Benevento and its historical centre: Santa Sofia's Church, Arch of Trajan and the Roman Theatre.  You will see some beautiful views aof Benevento, listen to the speaker's voice commenting in Standard English and, at the end, there is an interactive quiz. Follow the instructions!!!




The Second Learning Object is about three Benevento monuments: Rocca dei Rettori, the Cathedral and Hortus Conclusus







The third Learning Object is still about Benevento monuments: Ponte Leproso, Port'Arsa, Longobard Walls and more!!!





This presentation is about Benevento city park: discover the beauties of this little cosy green area dating back to the 19th century!


This short video is about the wastage crisis in Naples...






Maybe nobody knows about Herculaneum and the terrible eruption that, at the time of the Roman Empire destroyed the city (and also Pempei). The fourth Learning Object: is about this terrible catastrophic even. So now it's time to learn something more about this splendid archaeological site.





Did you imagine that in third millennium people in Guardia Sanframondi, a village near Benevento still perform this rite every seven years? And also that people still belive in "malocchio" (bad eye)?












A research in the history of Italy through photos of family events



 History of Italy during the XXth century... in pills! Part 1.









  History of Italy during the XXth century... in pills! Part 2.




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