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AEC Conferences

The AEC-NET Conference is an annual meeting since 2001 that gathers secondary and high school educators who take a keen interest in fostering collaborations among their students through innovative and interactive collaborative online learning and inter-cultural exchanges. The online collaborative projects initiated at each Conference are referred to as the AEC Projects.

The Conference is usually held over a period of four days, and comprises four essential components:

Professional Enrichment
Experts are invited to give presentations on topics related to the conference theme.
Review of past AEC Projects, and presentation of new AEC Project proposalsParticipants review the results of the AEC on-line collaborative learning projects that had been developed in the preceding year. The most outstanding of which are then shortlisted to contend for the AEC Awards. Participants are also encouraged to submit proposals for on-line collaborative learning projects that educators and students could develop over the course of the next 5 to 9 months. These proposals are presented and further developed in different Working Groups during the conference. At the end of the working group session, each Project Group should have finalised the discussion on the project implementation plan.
Introduction to Host Country
Activities may include visits to places of cultural and historical significance in the host country are organised to give the participants a better understanding of the different aspects of the host country. The host country may also take the opportunity to organise activities to better acquaint the participants with its approach to secondary and high school education, including visits to schools or specialised training centres.
Participants are given adequate opportunities to interact with one another at the social level, outside of the plenary sessions and the working groups. This is to engender camaraderie among participants, thereby fostering the creation of networks that could form the foundations of future and further contacts and collaborations.

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