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The legend of dragon

In a cave at the bottom of Wawel Hill there once lived a terrible fire-belching dragon.This dragon roamed around the countryside and did whatever he wanted to. He ate sheep and cattle and scared the farmers so much that they didn't let their animals graze in the field near the Vistula River. Many brave knights had tried to kill the monster, but before they could get close enough to him, he blew fire on them and they were burned to death. The king wanted this dragon destroyed. He invited knights and noblemen to come and slay the dragon, promising that whichever one killed the dragon could marry his beautiful daughter and become king when he died. Many tried to slay the dragon so that they could marry the princess, but the dragon killed them. The people became even more frightened; they were afraid to leave their homes and the country became poorer. One day, a young, handsome but poor shoemaker's apprentice named Krak asked the king if he could try to slay the dragon. The king said he could try, but noted that he had no armor, no horse and no sword. The apprentice had only his shoemaker tools and a plan. Krak bought a dead sheep from the butcher and some sulphur (a powder that is used in making matches) from a miner. Then he cut the sheep open with his sharp shoemaker's knife, stuffed it with the powdered sulphur and then sewed the sheep up with the shoemaker's thread. He put the sheep by the dragon's cave and waited behind a rock for the dragon to come out...


News in Wroclaw

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What's happen in Wrocław near Namyslow ;)

The old Polish city of Wroclaw has been invaded by dwarves. You can find them everywhere. Each of them has got his or her own identity, their own character, purpose and a very special name.

Let's introduce them ...

Dwarves in Wroclaw

Did you know about real desert in Poland?

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Did youknow about desert in Poland?

Bledow desert (pol. Pustunia Błędowska) – the largest desert in Central Europe (32square km) is not so far from Dabrowa Gornicza where I live.

Since the beginning of 20 century this desert was used as training ground for military troops. But the sandy area is shrinking because vegetation has either been planted there or has taken hold naturally. The desert is only a fifth as large as it was a few hundred years ago – 32 square kilometers today against 80 at the beginning of the 19th Century and 150 in the distant past! Polish naturalists know that if something is not done, it will disappear altogether.

Polish desert

Bledowka Desert is situated in the border of Upper Silesia region and Lesser Poland region(pol. Malopolska) – in the west of Upper Silesia, between Klucze, Chechlo and Bledow.To go here is easier by carfrom Katowice to Dabrowa Gornicza, and later to Olkusz direction or to Ogrodzieniec. By the way, Ogrodzieniec with its famous ruins of medieval castle is very close.

Amazing video about Poland: 45  interesting facts about Poland!

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