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  • Posted by Jonathan Preik on May 30, 2013

Beaches in Goa

Goa has a lot of beaches where tourists come, because of their priscine beaches in coastal areas .In August they have winterthere, and in December summer. Goas beaches are lovely to look at, and pictures can show you how you could feel there. There is actually no “best“ beach in Goa, because all of them are fun in their own ways with other advantages and disadvantages.  A lot of people feel at home in Goa, because it is wonderful and relaxing.I have been to Goa`s Beaches as a child, and I actually can remeber, the relaxing beaches, with very clean sand and delicous restourants.                                          I think the best of Goa is, the bright blue sky and that Indians are generally friendly and open for other and new people and peoples.We had enjoyed it being there . How about you? Have you been to a Goa and enjoyed one of the beautiful beaches there?

If I made mistakes feel free to correct me. :)